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Welcome to RabbitsRus


Welcome to RabbitsRUs. We are dedicated to breeding and raising English Angora rabbits for you. On this site, you can explore all of the bunnies we have to sell and learn more about our business. 

Rabbit Sale

Currently, there are 9 bunnies that are we are selling.  A new litter will be ready by the end of March 2022. Each bunny varies in weight, color, and personality. To know more information about a specific rabbit, please reach out to the business owner. *Serious inquiries only.* Pick-up is provided. Possible shipping or transport is available. 

Taking Care of Rabbits

We would ask that you watch a video on taking care of them first. A good reference for the maintenance of the rabbits is Lennon the Bunny on YouTube. This has excellent videos, but not about English Angoras. The price of each of the rabbits is $200. You can visit other websites, such as Animal Corner, to learn how to properly take care of these bunnies. 


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